Energy Efficient Home Theatre Rooms

Home theatre rooms or entertainment rooms can be a huge source of energy usage but there are some steps you can implement to help reduce the costs without cutting the fun.

Media Devices

All your media devices are pulling power even when off or on standby mode. The TV, Sound Receiver, Gaming Console, Surround System etc.… A quick fix is to pull the plug for all devices not being used. An easier alternative is to add a specialized power strip that shuts off all devices plugged into it once the “main” media device has been switched off. Not only do these power strips stop electricity from getting wasted they also protect against power surges which can permanently destroy your electronics or lead to a potential fire.

An ENERGY RATING rated TV will also help cut the costs of your energy bill which utilizes newer lighting technologies such as Direct-lit LED screens which offer a brighter quality picture resolution and less power consumption. Many people are unaware that even devices that are turned off still remain on standby mode and continue to draw power while not in use.

A/V Receiver and Audio System


An audio-visual receiver that carries the ENERGY RATING will use less power while on standby mode and typically come with auto on/off functions to conserve power when not in use. Also, consider using speakers made out of sustainable materials that are nature made verse manmade such as speakers encased in bamboo instead of synthetic plastics.

Sound Dampening

Adding sound dampeners to your home theatre room actually has an energy saving benefit. Sound dampeners will reduce echo, reduce vibrations, and enhance listening quality. This provides a clearer sound at a lower volume setting and requires less energy to power your surround sound system.

Theatre Lighting

When it comes to lighting less is better especially for a home theatre. Incandescent lighting should be replaced with CFL or LED bulbs which use less energy, burn longer, and produce less heat. Good lighting will set the proper ambiance for a home theatre and similar to a movie theatre the lights should not be overly powerful and have full control in regards to dimming capabilities.

Proper Insulation

Instead of adding heated seats and furniture ensure the room is properly insulated instead as the heating elements in heated furniture can burn out over time and when in use draw quite a bit of electricity to heat the internal elements. Instead, good insulation will keep the room cool or warm and will help maintain a more consistent temperature.

High rated fiberglass insulation will offer the best insulation at a nominal cost or you can have spray insulation applied which will seal all cracks and crevices and create an air tight seal.

Adding a theatre room to your home is great and makes for an enjoyable experience but if you truly want to have an energy efficient home theatre these small changes can save you and your energy bill a lot of money.

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